Orange Lavender Skin Souffle


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Skin Soufflés are a rich, creamy treat for your entire body and the perfect way to show your skin some love. The whipped formula transforms dry, chapped skin without leaving a greasy feeling behind. Skin Soufflés will leave every inch of you soft and beautifully scented.



Restore your dry skin with Orange Lavender Skin Soufflé. This creamy confection is packed with orange and lavender fragrance oils to create a sweet treat for your entire body. Shea butter and vitamins A, D, and E work together to nourish your skin to a vibrant glow.

1 review for Orange Lavender Skin Souffle

  1. Diana

    I love the way this lotion nourishes my skin. It smells great and doesn’t have a greasy feel. I typically dont care for anything with lavender in it, but I absolutely love this product!

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